2016-2017 A Section Officers

Congratulations to the A-Section Officers for 2016-2017. President – (1247) David Mitchell Vice President – (1268) Devin Hamlin Treasurer – (1269) Andrew Brandt Treasurer in Training – (1271 and 1290) Keefe Murphy, Spencer Streibel Assistant Recruitment Chairs – (1248 and 1289) Ninad Ahmed, John Couperthwaite Phikeia Educator – (1248) Ninad […]


2015-2016 Michigan Delta Awards

Congratulations to the members of Michigan Delta for all the awards the chapters has received!   And an extraordinary job to our Province President Nathanial Love! He won the Oliver J. Samuel Outstanding Province President Award.Awards: Excellence in Scholarship GHQ Award Community Service Hayward S. Biggers Ritual Gold Star Award […]

2016-2017 B Section Officers

Congratulations to the new B-Section Officers! Elected Positions President: Adam Vinstra (#1260) Vice President: Patrick Rye (#1264) Treasurer: Matthew Kirk (#1276) Recruitment Chair: Titus Shumaker (#1286) Works Manager: Alexander Butterfield (#1273) Phikeia Educator: Micheal Falkner (#1275) Risk Manager: Evan Munro (#1305) Member-at-large: Timothy Caruana (#1261) Recording Secretary: Tommy Michaluk (#1241) […]