Monthly Archives: June 2016

2016-2017 A Section Officers

Congratulations to the A-Section Officers for 2016-2017. President – (1247) David Mitchell Vice President – (1268) Devin Hamlin Treasurer – (1269) Andrew Brandt Treasurer in Training – (1271 and 1290) Keefe Murphy, Spencer Streibel Assistant Recruitment Chairs – (1248 and 1289) Ninad Ahmed, John Couperthwaite Phikeia Educator – (1248) Ninad […]

2017-2018 Michigan Delta Awards

  Congratulations to the members of Michigan Delta for all the awards the chapter has received!   Awards: Excellence in Scholarship GHQ Award Community Service Hayward S. Biggers Ritual Gold Star Award Kansas City Trophy (the best chapter on a small-sized campus)

2016-2017 B Section Officers

Congratulations to the new B-Section Officers! Elected Positions President: Adam Vinstra (#1260) Vice President: Patrick Rye (#1264) Treasurer: Matthew Kirk (#1276) Recruitment Chair: Titus Shumaker (#1286) Works Manager: Alexander Butterfield (#1273) Phikeia Educator: Micheal Falkner (#1275) Risk Manager: Evan Munro (#1305) Member-at-large: Timothy Caruana (#1261) Recording Secretary: Tommy Michaluk (#1241) […]