Alumni Advisory Boards

Chapter Advisory Board

The Chapter Advisory Board is made up of alumni from that specific chapter and other Phi Delts who live in the surrounding community. These individuals bring a fresh and different perspective to the Fraternity which can directly impact the undergraduate brothers.

The CAB (Chapter Advisory Board) of Michigan Delta:

  • Joe Jagadics (#1139)
  • Michael Boulter (#1165)
  • Robert Phillips (#1083)

Alpha Delta Board

Named after the Local Fraternity which would later become Phi Delta Theta Michigan Delta, the Alpha Delta Board is set up to maintain the chapter house and assist in renovations as needed.

Alpha Delta Board:

  • Chairman – David Jarvis (#1152)
  • Vice Chairman – Jordan Syrowik (#1203)
  • Treasurer – Patrick Rye (#1264)
  • Works Manager – Jordan Nizza (#1220)