What does it cost?

As a pledge of this fraternity you do not have any financial obligations. In addition, if you are already in a housing contract (ie. the dorms) there will be no charge to live in the house.

As a member, the standard cost of dues over the past few years has been $2000 per term. This covers rent, all utilities, food, the house cook, t-shirts, activities, brotherhood events, recruitment events, and national dues. Compared to the university rate for room and board of around $3000, this is an extremely reasonable price.

How much work is pledging?

The pledge program is the equivalent to a 4 credit class (4 hrs/wk). It is not designed to be overwhelming but is designed to simulate what being a member is like. We do not hide that this is a serious commitment, but we have invited you to join us because we believe that you can handle it and would make a good member. The events and times will be flexible and scheduled based on what works best for the entire class.

What types of things will be expected as a pledge?

There will be a weekly class and a quiz over the material covered from the previous week. The pledge class as whole is expected to plan a social event, a recruitment event, a brotherhood event, and a pledge project to improve the house.

Do I have to have a minimum GPA to pledge?

Yes, the minimum GPA to pledge is 2.5, no exceptions. Once you become a member a term GPA of 2.7 is required.

Where are you located at one campus?

Our address is 1160 Dunpont St. Flint Michigan.

We are located roughly half a mile off of campus, a simple 10 minute walk or 2 minute car ride away.