Phi Delta Theta’s Parent’s Guide

If you would like to contact a current parent of Phi Delta Theta to get their thoughts, they would be happy to hear from you and tell you about their experience. If you would like us to connect you with a parent of a current member or with one of our chapter advisors, please send us an e-mail at


Here are a few questions we are commonly asked by parents. If your question was not answered here you are more than welcome to use our contact page to send us an with your question and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Does this fraternity engage in hazing as part of its initiation/pledging process?

A: Every new member into the Greek community at Kettering must sign Kettering’s Anti-Hazing policy. Phi Delta Theta has also established its own anti-hazing campaign called “Don’t Tarnish the Badge.” At Michigan Delta, we feel that hazing is counter-productive in building brotherhood and does not belong in Fraternity life. We promise to treat your son with the same respect that we would treat our brothers, friends, and family. If you think your son is being hazed please use the contact page and we will handle it. If we do not respond you can contact Kettering Greek Life to investigate the matter. However, we urge you to contact us first because we would prefer to handle matters internally.

Q: How much does it cost per term to join Phi Delta Theta?

A: During Pledging term, there is no cost to live in the house. After that the cost varies from term to term depending on the amount of people in the house as well as the number of events that we are hosting. Typically, it costs between $2,200 and $1,800. This covers room & board as well as meals. It is also much cheaper than the $3,000 it costs to live in the dorms.

Q: Is this a study-friendly fraternity house?

A: Your son came to Kettering University to get the best education available and we are not any different. One of our founding principles is sound learning and we place scholarship as a top priority in our Fraternity. From group study sessions, copies of old tests and homework, and even tutoring, we make sure that everyone has the resources available for success at Kettering. In fact, one of our biggest advantages is having someone who has taken or is taking the class with your son.

Q: Is alcohol permitted at the fraternity house?

A: In 1997, Michigan Delta was chosen to be one of the first chapters of Phi Delta Theta to have alcohol-free housing. As of 2001, Phi Delta Theta became one of the first Fraternities to offer alcohol-free housing. Our headquarters has a strict alcohol and drug policy that prohibits these substances on the property. To further our commitment to being dry, we follow our own zero tolerance policy that can be found in our Chapter’s bylaws. Having alcohol-free housing provides an environment that is clean, safe, and promotes scholastics.

Q: Is the fraternity house in a safe location in Flint?

A: The fraternity house is located just half a mile from campus and is safe. Campus Security often circles through our area to ensure that it stays safe.

Q: Who supplies and prepares the meals at the fraternity house?

A: The brother that holds the position of Steward is responsible for picking up the food for the meals every week. We also hire someone to cook lunches, and dinners for us Monday through Thursday. Every Sunday it is the responsibility of a group of members to cook brunch for the house.

Q: Who is responsible for the up-keep and cleanliness of the fraternity house?

A: The up-keep and cleanliness is the responsibility of every member in the house. Every term we decide Chores (or details) that each person needs to do every week. These tasks range from cleaning the bathroom to washing dishes. There are also bigger details that only need to be completed once per term. Finally, we also have one day set aside during the term called “Works Saturday” where we fix up the entire house.

Q: Are parents allowed to drop by the fraternity house at any time?

A: Parents are more than welcome to come to the house any time they wish with a few exceptions for certain matters. We also have a parents day every Fall and Summer term that has events planned.

Parents Newsletter

Phi Delta Theta Michigan Delta’s parents newsletter, The Legacy, was was created by Brother Michael Boulter (#1165). Its first publication was in October of 2011. The goal of this newsletter is to highlight the accomplishments of members and the Chapter at large.

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