Phi Delt Philosophy

Robert Morrison 1848 – “To do what ought to be done but would not have been done unless I did it, I thought to be my duty”

This quote, by one of our founding fathers, describes how every Phi Delt should lead their life.

The Three Pillars

Our Fraternity was built on three pillars that have not budged an inch since Phi Delta Theta was founded by “The Immortal Six” way back in 1848. The pillars are:

  • The cultivation of friendship among its members,
  • the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture
  • the attainment personally of a high standard of morality.

In short; Friendship, Sound Learning, and Moral Rectitude.


The good man is one who is of strong character, just and generous in his friendship, loyal and upright. Friendship is born between men who share these ideals. Classical authors mention the duties of friendship as being truthfulness, mutual correction, and fidelity. They say friendship’s law will never ask another to do wrong or encourage him in wrongdoing. Every young man seeking membership into Phi Delta Theta will partake in many interactions as well as several activities that will help in fostering this most vital element. He will learn to pick his models and make sacrifices for the greater good of our Phi Delt brotherhood. Mastery of this principle was what brought our Founding Fathers together to form our great fraternity, and today is the greatest lifetime benefit of being a brother of Phi Delta Theta. Friendship is the Bond between all Phi Delt Gentlemen.

Sound Learning

The primary reason for attending college is to study and to learn. That being said, scholarship achievement and fraternal living must complement each other. Sound learning, as seen through the eyes of a Phi Delt, does not necessarily mean extraordinary success in scholarship. Rather, it implies continual pursuit of the highest level of truth in every matter and the recurrent demonstration of intellectual curiosity. The good student is one who is excited about learning and is driven toward the accumulation of knowledge. In Phi Delta Theta, we combine such curiosities with a sound worth ethic, where academic achievement becomes our resultant byproduct. Sound Learning is in the mind of every Phi Delt Gentleman.

Moral Rectitude

With four of our “Immortal Six” founding fathers being ministers of the Christian faith, Phi Delt believed then, just as it does now, that strong moral character is a must. Rectitude, in the sense that we acknowledge, includes both the idea of moral integrity and correctness of judgment. Given a list of do’s and don’ts, any man should be capable of veering away from doing wrong. However, a Phi Delt Gentleman is challenged to reach a conclusion as to what is truly a “good” for all-behaviors which will rest upon that which is both true and good. Rectitude is reaching out to other people—a concern for others—that eliminates no one. It is an adult response to love and it is at the same time a rejection of egocentrism and narcissism. Moral Rectitude is in the heart of every Phi Delt Gentleman.

Work Hard

At Phi Delta Theta we believe that the best way to enhance your college career is to get involved while balancing your academics and social life. The statement, “Your college career is what you make of it” could not be more true. If you want to get a lot out of your college experience, then the best way to do that is to get involved and invest in solid friendships that will last far longer than your college years. We believe that one enjoys life by the help and society of others, so part of our mission is to provide that support to others in the hope that it is returned to us. We do this by getting plugged into clubs on campus, working in student government, and helping out in the community.

Play Hard

We are not just about work though. We also like to have a good time, relax and enjoy ourselves just like anyone else. Our Social Chair is in charge of setting up semi-formals, socials, parties, and mixers with the various sororities in town. We do brotherhood events such as camping, retreats, lake days, pick up games, and random BBQ’s. In addition, we pride ourselves on being competitive in all of the intramural sports on campus ranging from basketball, to soccer, to inner tube water polo.

Become the Greatest Version of Yourself