Pledging Phi Delta Theta

Phikeia Program

Once the decision has been made to say “Yes!”, the individual enters a trial period that allows an opportunity for him to truly get to know the Fraternity and for the Fraternity to truly get to know him. This is referred to as the Phikeia stage, and is a period of education, filled with positive and encouraging preparation for the responsibilities of membership that reaffirms the principles of Phi Delta Theta and teaches about the history of the Fraternity. After completing the Phikeia Education Program and both parties’ values and expectations are in sync, the Phikeia become initiated into the membership and one’s life as a Phi begins.

Big B’s

When you become a Phikeia, you will help choose and be given a “Big B”, short for Big Brother. Your Big B is there to serve as a mentor during the pledging process and as a member. They are there to answer any questions that you might have and just be a general overall friend, mentor, and brother.

Living In

We encourage all of our Phikeia to live in the house during the pledging semester. This will not only make it easier to plan and participation in the pledge class activities, but also help every Phikeia to build strong bonds with his future brothers. The thing that we always talk about is the closeness of all of our members, and this is one of the main reasons for that. In order to help foster this close brotherhood, any Phikeia who already has an existing housing contract (ie. the dorms) will be able to live in the fraternity house and enjoy all meals at absolutely no cost.

Anti-Hazing Policy

Phi Delta Theta does not condone any form of hazing. It is contrary to the purpose of fraternities, let alone Phi Delta Theta. Fraternities can become a group of men who enjoy the strong bonds of brotherhood without hazing, and Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters offers resources to help replace negative activities with positive ones.

At the start of each academic term where Phi Delta Theta Michigan Delta has Bid Acceptors, we read and sign Phi Delta Theta’s anti-hazing policy as a chapter.

Phi Delta Theta’s Anti-Hazing Policy